TGEE 2300 2.0 cutting machine for vliseline

The TGEE 2300 2.0 is a fully automatic cutting machine for cutting the vliseline backings fore clothes whilst embroidering.
The cutting of embroidery backings is mostly done by hand, so you will lose a lot of production and labour time on the other hand you will lose a lot of Vliseline material, because you can’t cut efficient enough by hand, most of the time you want to be sure and you will cut 2-4 cm more Vliseline than required.

The TGEE 2300 2.0 can cut at the same time 6 rolls with Vliseline embroidery backing material of each 900mm or 3 rolls of each 1800mm. By using 10 cutting knives, you can get 36 embroidery backings per cycle!

The length installation and the number of the Vliseline embroidery backings to be cut, can be programmed on a display, the width installation is user friendly and can be done manually, by adjusting the knives. One push on the button and your embroidery backings will be cut fully automatic.
The cutting machine for embroidery backings is removable and the upper side can be used as a working table for preparing and completing the clothes.
Furthermore it’s possible to cut the rolls of Vliseline embroidery backing material in different sizes like 20cm x 20cm and 40cm x 40cm at the same time.

The advantages of the TGEE 2300 2.0 Vliseline cutting machine:
- Enormous labour time/labour cost saving compared to handwork
- High production volume of embroidery backings per hour
- Multifunctional: cutting machine for Vliseline and working table
- Competitive price and therefore fast return on investment
- Saving on your purchases: no unusable Vliseline or loss of material

Touchdisplay  cut at the same time 6 rolls with Vliseline

If you use our cutting machine for vliseline in combination with embroidery hoops like HoopMaster, MightyHoop or FastFrames, then you can rely on easy, fast and perfect embroideries.